It Works Global - Millionaires Club Selling Harmful Products

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It Works Global - Millionaires Club Selling Harmful Products

Unread postby PRVira » Fri Oct 21, 2016 2:15 pm

It Works seem's to be a fast growing business that sell's products to help with so called weight loss, nail treatments and much more. Now, many many people are coming forward with issues of the wrap causing burns and reactions. Nail treatment has caused many people to grow deformed nails. The hair treatment has started to make women grow facial hair and super long arm hair, chest hair etc.
So when is a product classified as a risk and then taken off the market?
Seems it takes a very long time.

They say it is a millionaires club and so on, Not a single product has ever been FDA approved! What are they telling us?
That they sell us crap worthless products for well over ten times the actual cost? That they are an elite group of members who can get away with selling products that cause severe harm to others?
A team member earlier today has confronted Denise Walsh, The so called stay home mommy who claims to make over 1 million per year selling only it works products. Even her voice mail is very sickening in itself. Saying she can't answer the call due to "having to place a wrap on someone".
When will the public take a stand and force these very bad and harmful products from ever being sold and or having them taken off the market all together.

" />

It works is in fact stealing your money, using other dull minded people to join and sell their products for them, using the very old school "Pyramid Scam" that started way back in the early 1970's.
"I will place you under me, and you place who ever you can under you", that very old school scam that is still in high use to this day. Yet, they seem to keep getting away with it.

When can we be free of corporate scams, free from the tall tale lies told to us that these hidden agenda corporations who get away with crimes that the everyday ordinary person would go to jail for doing.

Anyway, the nail treatment has caused harmful issues/side effect's in mostly women. A study by a college group of students tested the all mighty "wrap", and also a girdle. They both did the same exact effects of squeezing in fat cells, has nothing to do with any gel, creams and so on placed on any wrap. It simply squeezes fat cells and nothing more. Any fool can go and buy a cheap box of "Saran Wrap", and get the same outcome of squeezed fat cells as you would using the so called wrap, Yet the feeble minded people in society fall for this scam and fork out hundreds if not thousands of dollars to get the wrap which could be just as easily done with, "Saran Wrap".

The women who are suffering from the nail deformations are stuck with well deformed nails, there is no cure and no way of helping these women get their nails back to a less deformed stature with less ridges, weaves and bumps.

When a member contacted Denise Walsh with the information about the harm the products are causing, she simply replied back with, "LOL". Now how sick is that? She laughs at the harm she is causing and laughs at the fact she is stealing money from innocent people who think her products work. Does it help that every member of it works is told to make sure that they tell potential consumers that it does in fact work 100%, that itself is a big fraudulent lie, a lie to rake in the cash with absolute no care for the public or the people she is selling these harmful products to.

So in the end, if your thinking of spending money on any of the garbage products from, "It Works", think again and save yourself from any and all future issues, It Works products will cause.

We encourage It Works to file a suit if they feel this is wrong, tho we do hold and have many people as proof and evidence of the very harmful causes "It Works" products can and will give to anyone when used.

If you or someone you know has been harmed by using ANY of the It Works products please contact and we would be happy to help you have a voice and be heard. This is a harmful systematic pyramid scam that needs to be taken off the markets.

I knew there was a reason they refused to sell in retail outlets. If they did, more risk of law suits.

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