Australian Police Force Investigate Convicted Pedophile John Aster

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Australian Police Force Investigate Convicted Pedophile John Aster

Unread postby PRVira » Fri Oct 21, 2016 2:12 pm

Just moments ago several police in Australia have been called to the home of convicted pedophile John Aster in Arana Hills. Due to the large amount of crimes John Aster has been committing, from criminal harassement, impersonating "several" police officials on facebook, child exploitation, Stalking, and even making threats using the Hell's Angels Biker club which he has no connections to at all. police called on several units to Asters home after several complaints for the past few months have grabbed the attention seeing as investigators notice there is a slight connection between aster and a few police officials in the Queensland Australia police department. John Aster has been committing these crimes and others for over the past three years. Creating schemes such as ones called AXJ, Actions 4 Justice, and others he creates as pages on facebook masking as real organizations. These facebook pages hold several people and yet those several people seem to be unaware that those pages are not of the genuine true organizations at all.

Police are currently looking through John Asters home computers this very moment, and we have yet to get word back if there was anything found. Police officials we did speak with do advise us that they are not leaving the home of Mr Aster until Aster is served with court papers which Aster has been avoiding for several weeks. These court papers being served to Aster are served by National President of BUACA Australia, (Bikers United Against Child Abuse). reason being is that the national president is sickened after years of reports to police about the harm and damage being caused to both the organization of BUACA Australia, and the home life of BUACA president also. John Aster used several of his victims childrens pictures off of facebook, doctored them up and posted these pictures along with a high volume of libel false claims, damaging the emotions of BUACA presidents family and friends. John Aster has been elected the worlds biggest stalking, cyber bully and cyber criminal in the last 13 years. There are several speculations that John Aster is having inside help withing the Queensland Australia police department, and investigations are underway and will be ongoing. Police will keep us up to speed as we also and wonder why a woman in Saskatchewan named Corinne Mitchell, would out of nowhere involve herself with a known convicted pedophile.

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